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VMS for Traffic Management

VMS for Traffic Management

Roadworks and Traffic Management

Hire VMS trailers and Speed Advisory Signs from Sam’s Mobile Signs for your next civil engineering or traffic management project. We have experience working with VicRoads and local City Councils in placing VMS boards in the right location in compliance with the relevant authority’s policies and regulations. Whether you need a VMS trailer for the nature strip/footpath, or for the highway, we have the equipment and expertise for you.

At Sam's Mobile Signs, we have A-size, (small) VMS boards and C-size (large) VMS boards. Asize VMS trailers are suitable for inner-city areas where the roads are more compact, or where there is limited room on the nature strip. C-size VMS trailers are suitable where the nature strip is wider, and are a requirement for highway roadworks to comply with VicRoads standards.

With full matrix LEDs, our VMS signs can display up to 4 lines of text and have the ability to display graphics such as arrows, lane closures, warnings, and roadworks. Our VMS signs are equipped with speed radar which can record and display driving speeds, and then flash an image (e.g. smile or sad face) or any message (e.g. “TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN”). Our LED signs are available either in 5 colours (green, blue, amber, white, and red), or amber-only. Each VMS sign trailer is also fitted with GPS location and tracking so you can easily see where it is, and what message it is displaying.

All our VMS boards have non-glare UV-resistant polycarbonate screens and can rotate 360-degrees, allowing flexibility in trailer placement. With auto-brightness control on each of our signs, your message will always be bright and visible during the day, but not blinding at night. Each of our VMS trailers are equipped with solar panels that generate power from the sun and store it in the batteries, to ensure that your message is always displayed day or night, rain or shine.

Because our VMS signs are programmed via the web, we can remotely change the message anytime for you during the hire. Our experienced team can assist you with creating clear and concise messaging that is in accordance with the relevant road authority or government department. Alternatively, you can create and change your message yourself after requesting program access. Our easy to use online app has many pre-made text and images used for roadworks, saving you time and energy on the overall project. Messages and images can be changed via any tablet, laptop, PC, or mobile device enabled with internet, at any time.

Our values

Customer Focus

Prioritising customer needs and satisfaction in every aspect of the business, from initial contact to sign delivery and setup, message changes, and pick up.


Ensuring that all signs are well-maintained, functional, and delivered on time, providing dependable service customers can count on.


Constantly adopting the latest VMS technology to provide advanced, relevant advertising and communication solutions.


Adhering to the highest safety standards in the operation and maintenance of VMS trailers ensuring both public and employee safety.


Offering a range of customisable solutions to meet diverse client needs, including various sign sizes, message choices, delivery and pickup options, as well as flexible hire periods.

Community Engagement

Understanding local needs and positively contributing through responsible business practices and community service initiatives.

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