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Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Variable Message Sign (VMS) trailers are ideal for business and event advertising, traffic management and roadwork projects.

Sam’s Mobile Signs offers two sizes of VMS trailers for hire: A-size (small) and C-size (large). Both sizes are available in either 5-colour LED boards (red, green, blue, amber, white) or amberonly LED boards. All our VMS boards are equipped with state-of-the-art full matrix LEDs that can display up to four lines of text or graphics.

A-size (SMALL) VMS:

Available in either 5-colour (red, green, blue, amber, white) or amber-only LED boards.

Optional: Speed radar.


1600mm 1040mm
TRANSPORT MODE 2800mm 1600mm 2300mm
SETUP 2800mm 2000mm 3800mm (elevated with hydraulic mast)

C-size (LARGE) VMS:

Available in either 5-colour (red, green, blue, amber, white) or amber-only LED boards.

Optional: Speed radar.


2750mm 1850mm
TRANSPORT MODE 3600mm 2000mm 3100mm
SETUP 3600mm 2800mm 4000mm (elevated with hydraulic mast)


Our VMS boards offer excellent visibility with their non-glare, UV-resistant polycarbonate screens that can rotate 360 degrees and have auto-brightness control. These features ensure that your message is easily seen regardless of the lighting conditions. Additionally, our LED signs are solar-powered, ensuring that your message is displayed under all weather conditions. The trailer is equipped with a hydraulic mast, allowing the sign to be raised high for maximum visibility over any obstructions.

Our VMS signs not only display text messages but also allow you to include visuals such as your logo or occasion-specific graphics and animations. They can even display multiple languages, including Chinese characters.

Moreover, our signs are equipped with speed radar technology, allowing them to record and display driving speeds. They can also flash images or messages, such as a smile or sad face or a "TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN" warning.

Programming our signs is a breeze with our web-based platform. We can remotely change the message for you during the hire, or you can access the platform yourself to create and modify your message. This can be done from any device with internet access such as a tablet, laptop, PC, or mobile device. Our experienced team can also assist you in creating attention-grabbing and eye-catching messages with transitions and images.

Furthermore, each VMS sign trailer is equipped with GPS location and tracking functionalities, providing easy fleet management and ensuring the security of our equipment.

Our values

Customer Focus

Prioritising customer needs and satisfaction in every aspect of the business, from initial contact to sign delivery and setup, message changes, and pick up.


Ensuring that all signs are well-maintained, functional, and delivered on time, providing dependable service customers can count on.


Constantly adopting the latest VMS technology to provide advanced, relevant advertising and communication solutions.


Adhering to the highest safety standards in the operation and maintenance of VMS trailers ensuring both public and employee safety.


Offering a range of customisable solutions to meet diverse client needs, including various sign sizes, message choices, delivery and pickup options, as well as flexible hire periods.

Community Engagement

Understanding local needs and positively contributing through responsible business practices and community service initiatives.

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