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Messaging Guidelines and Recommendations

Messaging Guidelines and Recommendations

Message Guidelines VMS advertising sign recommendations:



Time per slide


2 seconds

Characters per line

12 (including spaces)

7 if you want it in bold

Number of slides


2 to 4

Lines of text


2 to 3

Size of text

4 sizes (1 is largest, 4 is smallest)

Size 2 or 3 (2 if you want bold)


Our values

Customer Focus

Prioritising customer needs and satisfaction in every aspect of the business, from initial contact to sign delivery and setup, message changes, and pick up.


Ensuring that all signs are well-maintained, functional, and delivered on time, providing dependable service customers can count on.


Constantly adopting the latest VMS technology to provide advanced, relevant advertising and communication solutions.


Adhering to the highest safety standards in the operation and maintenance of VMS trailers ensuring both public and employee safety.


Offering a range of customisable solutions to meet diverse client needs, including various sign sizes, message choices, delivery and pickup options, as well as flexible hire periods.

Community Engagement

Understanding local needs and positively contributing through responsible business practices and community service initiatives.

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