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About Us

About Us

Our mission and core values

Sam's Mobile Signs is dedicated to providing exceptional VMS solutions, with our extensive knowledge and experience, reliable equipment and our unparalleled customer service. Our goal is for you to get great results.
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The right experience

Sam’s Mobile Signs is owned and founded by Sam, a lifelong Melbourne resident with over 15 years of experience with VMS sign trailers.

Sam has been around VMS trailers ever since he was a young boy. As a teenager, Sam helped his father maintain the local City Council’s VMS fleet on the weekends.

He found the inner workings of the VMS boards intriguing; he watched closely as his father did mechanical and electrical repairs.


Delivering results

Over time Sam began to do maintenance on the VMS trailers and relocated them as his father watched. Once his father retired, Sam took over; he maintained and repaired the council’s VMS trailers and did all their relocations.

Honouring his entrepreneurial spirit, Sam founded Sam’s Mobile Signs, a Variable Message Sign hire company that began in Ringwood and expanded to all of Melbourne and beyond (Ballarat, Geelong).

He began hiring VMS signs out to other business owners like himself to advertise their companies and products, so that they too could grow their businesses through the use of affordable, effective Variable Message Sign advertising.


Consistently exceeding expectations

Currently, Sam manages multiple Councils’ Variable Message Sign fleets, and runs Sam’s Mobile Signs.

Sam and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about all the inner workings of LED signs and trailers; all maintenance and repairs are performed in-house. He has seen the technology and equipment evolve over time into what it currently is today.

He and his team have years of experience repairing all aspects of the VMS trailer from the mechanical side (axels, body frame, polycarbonate screen, hydraulic mast) to the electrical side (replacing wires, LED boards, Central Processing Units, solar panels, switches and batteries), among many other things.

Together with our 15 years of experience working with Councils and local authorities, and our extensive knowledge of the complete inner workings of Variable Message Sign trailers, Sam's Signs is uniquely equipped to tackle any VMS project. Whether it's enhancing public safety by assisting with traffic management, promoting community events, or boosting your business's visibility, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.
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Our values

Customer Focus

Prioritising customer needs and satisfaction in every aspect of the business, from initial contact to sign delivery and setup, message changes, and pick up.


Ensuring that all signs are well-maintained, functional, and delivered on time, providing dependable service customers can count on.


Constantly adopting the latest VMS technology to provide advanced, relevant advertising and communication solutions.


Adhering to the highest safety standards in the operation and maintenance of VMS trailers ensuring both public and employee safety.


Offering a range of customisable solutions to meet diverse client needs, including various sign sizes, message choices, delivery and pickup options, as well as flexible hire periods.

Community Engagement

Understanding local needs and positively contributing through responsible business practices and community service initiatives.

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The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

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